Celebrate Birthdays with Designers Cakes and Theme Cakes


Its is said the first birthday celebrations was by Egyptians, without Cakes and candles but today we cannot imagine Birthday without Cakes and it plays an important part in our birthday which is always a special occasion in everyone’s life either you are kids or adults are being celebrated by own way, cutting cakes on Birthday is a tradition followed from the beginning and it been carried on till you live.



Thanks to the Germans eventually came up with the idea of celebrating a birthday in a sweeter way.

Birthdays Parties are now becoming very popular events nowadays especially in cities where families took this opportunity for social gatherings to meets family and friends from their busy schedule. 

New age bakers do not only come with creative ideas but to attract customers they are come up with unique ideas and the baker’s industry has taken a big leap over time and evolve according to the needs of people. In India where food habits are diverse in the same way the Bakers also mold and bake their cake according to people’s needs. 


Designers Cakes



Birthdays Parties or Wedding now designers cakes has very important, as people have spending capacity and bakers are coming up with new ideas and designs and people are broadly accepting those flavors and designs.

There are a number of varieties in cakes like Black Forest cake, Vanilla Cake, Pineapple Cake, Chocolate cake, Velvet cake, and so on. For kid’s favorite is their favorite hero on their cake-like Doremon Cake, Superman Cake, or Ben 10 many more.



Theme Cakes



Black forest cake, pineapple cake, and chocolate cakes are now past stories, the idea of celebrating with cakes has evolved significantly over time and baker are coming with creative ideas with edible graphics prints, multilayered cakes, Towers cakes with lots of flavor and designs.

Baking needs immense creativity and science to get things perfect.

Talking to Withlovenregards online portal for Cakes and flower delivery there is a huge demand from Indian customers for fondants and icing cakes. Most of the bakers told that demand for designer cakes is increasing day by day and people do not hesitate to try new flavors and concepts in cakes with is overwhelming.    


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