Rose Day Every year, on 7 February, Rose Day is celebrated worldwide. Celebrated among lovers with much zeal, pomp, splendor, and happiness, this is the day when it is common for people to propose to their girlfriends or boyfriends. To express the romanticism in you to your beloved, make this day unique with a bunch of roses, a bundle of gifts, and maybe a delicious meal because there can be no better day than this to do it. This day is a kick start to the week of love—-the VALENTINE WEEK!!! The preface to all romanticism is usually with a beautiful, classy and graceful rose, since roses are probably the best way to express your love for your beloved. Generally, people gift roses which are red, but a lot of other roses exist of different colors, all of which represent something different from the other. Rose is probably the most important symbol of love, which perhaps explains why it is put in the preface of a love story, or the prelude to the entire week of love. It is also said the Victorian people began the tradition of exchanging roses to communicate unspoken feelings, wherein red rose has been a beginning to God knows how many stories filled with a heart full of love and passion. Let us now look at the meaning of roses of various colors:

Red roseImage result for red rose bouquet

Robert Burns, the renowned Scottish poet, once compared a red rose to love. Long associated with beauty and perfection, red roses are an ancient way of saying those magical three words, “I LOVE YOU”.

 Pink RoseImage result for pink rose

 The pink rose is used as a symbol of praise and admiration. The smooth pink hue of the rose portrays the subtleness of love. This rose also portrays glee.

Yellow Roserose

The yellow rose is usually shared between friends. This is to tell your friend that they add more joy to this busy and mundane life of yours. This yellow rose is considered to be a token of friendship.

White RoseImage result for white rose bouquet

the White color is often considered to be the symbol of holiness, peace, and togetherness, and this is what this rose portrays. The rose can be presented to new lovers as a preface to a fresh love story, and this is why this is the flower mostly used in the marriages among Christian people.

Orange RoseRelated image

This orange rose shows compassion and thanks to your precious one. It also portrays exhilaration, longing, and optimism. You can gift orange rose to your lover to represent the genuine romance that his/her love gives you.

Not only have the color of a rose, but the number of roses also provides varied implications. Here is how many you should present to your special one:

One rose is a token of gratitude.

Two roses joined together to convey your proposal for the wedding to your loved one.

On the other hand, when a white and red rose is entwined together, it means peace.

When six roses are joined together, it means that there is a need to cherish and love your special one.

Eleven roses together communicate to your beloved that they are       special, and are true, crazily, and deeply in the eternal feeling named     love.

Thirteen roses are usually used to communicate to your loved one that they have a secret lover.

Pick the right number and the right colored rose to let your loved one know your feelings this Rose Day, and have a Happy Love Life!!!


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