Different Stages of Love and Romance with Roses

Whether it’s any celebration or occasion, the astonishing fragrance of the aromatic roses soothes the soul. You will be amazed to know that these lovely red roses signify the traditional way to express love and romance. Since ancient times, this fragrant blooms and its iconic beauty has been making the beautiful roses as the ultimate symbol of love and romance.

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If you are way ahead to show your deepest affection to your loved ones then red roses are probably the best choice. At some point in life, every one of us might experience various stages of love and warmth. All these stages of romance somewhere remain in touch with this exotic flower.

Different stages of love and romance with Roses:


Infatuation (fixation with)





Adoring each other


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The first stage simply reflects the appearance and the appeal in a moment. In one word it’s all about the passionate beginning. To make your first move ever-lasting, the roses can work great indeed.

If you are looking forward to initiating a new friendship, go for the yellow roses. The welcoming nature of the colour, yellow will definitely grab the opportunity for you. The soft petals and the vibrant colours of these fresh roses will speak louder for your feelings than your words for sure.


White Roses - WithlovenregardsThe moment a keen desire to know a person develops within you, it’s nothing but the Infatuation. There is no set limit for the infatuation to lasts for a particular person. However, the study says that if the obsession lasts for more than 4-5 months, then this is probably love.

Therefore, you must be ready for a bright future with your desirable person. For the same beginning, your observance of new love must take off its journey by picking the mesmerising white roses.


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This is another stage of love one might encounter. Roses and its fragrance play the best role here. As it’s a stage when a bond is somewhere emerging within you two. It’s a feeling of pleasure when even the flaws of the other person are avoidable.

The beauty of the pink roses can fill your dear one with immense pleasure. Undoubtedly, these roses will add up to the eternal bond you are seeking for.


Send flowers and gifts Online - WithlovenregardsPlanning something thrilling to amaze your partner? It’s definitely exciting to exchange gifts with your partners even it’s any occasion or not. Planning surprises like sending flowers online has always add spark to your love life and maintain the freshness.

Just add a bunch of roses to your planned surprises and wait for the magic to happen. Choosing any of the coloured variety available , pink roses will suit the most here.


Flower Delivery in Pune WithlovenregardsNow it’s of the crucial stage of love where you are the way ahead to admit your emotions and pure feelings. Ensure your precious moment to be more memorable with the most ideal and classical gift none other these alluring roses.

The associativity of these roses with confidentiality says all. Just express your affection and intimacy towards your partner and let him/her feel how special they are to you.

Re affirmation

 In this stage generally you take a practical move and indulge yourself with the secrecy of romance in your relationship. Take a glimpse of the eventual history and you will get to know that how the roses holds the vital significance in various western culture .Despite of the thorns in this flora , the smooth petals freshens the emotions of the love birds growing together. 

As this stage s somewhat like a bridge to your loving life, try not to munch upon the red roses. Be careful enough as your extra efforts or over-expressing of the heartily can ruin the whole excitement. At this crossroad make your friendship more reliable than the “just friends “tag.

Do you know that which colour of rose ideally matches this stage? Take a deep breath and without thing much choose the fascinating orange hybrid. Admittedly, this will leave a perfect impression of yours with the positive vibes of your emerging love.

Adoring each other

bunch of Red roses - withlovenregardsHere comes the last but not the least stage where the actual journey of your love life seems to begin. At this sensuous stage, never fail to shower all your hidden feelings. As those three magical words become a powerful tool to tie you in a fantastic bond. These small bunches of flowers do the same magic.

Moreover, it is excellent if the flowers are the Red Roses at this stage of love and romance. This unique arrangement of flowers enhances the romance. Just for an idea an adorable teddy bear wrapped with a heavy bunch of Red roses lightens all the mood swinging all the lovely emotions high.

  • The dark and deep colour is symbolic for eternal love.
  • These fragrant indulged red roses signify the unconditional love.
  • What a deadliest combo: the most sensuous stage of love and romance and the perfect fresh Red Roses!!!

Blossoms your happy moments with this natural yet amazing flowers. Whether you entered the beginning of your love stages or enjoying the romantic life with your loved ones , just a bunch of roses add spark to your everyday life.The perfect words to describe the real impact of these alluring roses to your different stages of love and romance are:

Bouquet of red roses

  • Vibrant
  • Radiant
  • Romantic
  • Timeless

Starting from a relation bond to your wedding night or even a lovey gift to your partner on his/her birthday roses are the perfect choice. Express your unconditional affection with the wide variety of Roses suitable to your situation.