Gift — Best medium to deliver the message

Gift — Best medium to deliver the message

There are many ways to know about a person, and conversation is one of those. The more you talk to a person, the more you will learn about his/her likes or dislikes, hobbies, personality, interests, skills etc. Gifting is just another way to convey your wishes to show your feelings and emotions. But, choosing a unique gift for the correct occasion is a task for many of us.

There are many possible solutions for this:

Gift — Best medium to deliver the message

1Learn about the occasion: There are different gifts available in the market for various events such as Festivals, Farewell, Surprise Birthdays Celebration, Anniversaries, wedding receptions etc. You should be sure about the occasion while selecting a gift.

2. Relation with the Person: Gifts vary based on the relationship you hold with the person, e.g., Spouse, sibling, employee, employer, friend, colleague etc.

3. Make a budget: there is a range of gifts available in both local and online market. Decide your budget first and then take a step out.


4. Learn about the person: Well, to give a perfect and ideal gift you must know about the person. You can do this by carefully observing the receiver’s behaviour, likes/dislikes, wishes, wishlists, habits, and traits. And No wonder sometimes, just by watching people and having a conversation, you’re already giving them a gift which they usually don’t receive from other people in their life. And maybe this will give you extra marks for extra observation. This is altogether linked with the amount of conversation you have with the person. We can say that conversation is directly linked with gifting. A person who is in regular contact with someone is undoubtedly aware of the likes/dislikes of the other.

Based on this you can filter the list of gifts available. For example, there are girls who like chocolates so much, and there are girls who don’t like chocolates at all.

There are boys who’re fond of watches, and there are boys who don’t wear watches at all.

Now, we have just seen one side of the coin where the conversation is helpful for getting the perfect gift. Is it possible that gifting leads to the conversation?

Gift — Best medium to deliver the message

The answer is yes; the process of gifting is mutual. It is helpful in building the healthy relationship. Sometimes, the conversation is itself a gift to the person in this world where everyone’s eyes are just stuck on their computer or mobile phone’s screen. You meet the person more often and know the person better. It’s not always that a pricy gift is required to initiate a conversation; it can be a small gift which has the priceless emotions/wishes. It’s not the money you have spent to purchase those gifts; it’s the number of efforts and time you have put in getting them for your dear ones. It’s the thought that counts. Gifts and conversation both leave an impact on people’s mind. A gift can be treated as a sweet gesture to remind about yourself.

Gift — Best medium to deliver the message

Nowadays, there is a trend of Personalized gifts. This means that you can personalize the gift by yourself. This includes a range of Cushions, key-chains, pendant, coffee-mugs etc. This leaves a permanent mark in the memory lane of the receiver. But, this is possible only if you had a conversation with the person before.

The history itself shows that people have been exchanging gifts as a way to level-up happiness, give an appreciation, and to build interpersonal relationships.

We buy the souvenirs from the places we visit and gift them to the dear ones. This is again an excellent way to bring the wow-factor back in the relationships and start a fresh conversation, maybe about the trip! A surprise which leaves the person with no words can be a way to initiate the words.

’’ Expensive gifts are not the path to someone’s heart and mind’’.

As the studies and research shows, people feel closer to the person by whom they have received a more useful and thoughtful gift. This increases the conversation keeping them a step ahead than those who have just gifted by a random click.

The bottom line: Gifts can be an excellent medium to initiate a conversation and also, communication helps to decide and select a much needed and valuable gift.

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