Image result for valentines dayKnowing the History of valentine day is very important before celebrating it. February 14 is celebrated worldwide as Valentines Day. This day has been celebrated in a magnificent manner throughout the world, except for a few countries. Different countries around the globe celebrate this day in various ways. From children to the elderly, no one is left behind in such celebrations. This day comes only once in a year, and all people wait eagerly for it. In our country also, celebrations surrounding this day begins. The preparation phase of the jubilation and the end of the process is always filled with passion for the enjoyment of the people. The story related to the start of celebrating Valentine’s Day is no less than a thrilling movie. There was a time somewhere in the 3 rd century when there lived a despotic Roman ruler named Claudius II and a Christian named St Valentine. The concept of Valentines Day is dedicated to lovers all around the world dates quite back in history.

Many folklores exist in support of this day. One such folklore goes on to say that tyrannical king Claudius was against Christianity, while St Valentine was in favour of it. Due to this conflict of ideas, it is said that Claudius imprisoned him and within this period of punishment, Valentine fell in love with a blind girl, who happened to be the daughter of the jailer. Before dying, Valentine wrote a letter to this girl and signed it as “from your Valentine”, and this is why lovers still happen to address each other as Valentine, till this day. The day after his death, February 14 th, Julia, the daughter of the jailer, happened to plant an almond tree near his grave, and even in this 21 st century, the almond tree is considered to be a symbol of love, passion and friendship. This is why people throughout the world celebrate 14 th February as a day of love and affection. Another folklore goes on to say that Claudius did not support the idea of the marriage of young boys, as he believed that those who were unmarried would make better army men. A man named Valentine helped young boys to elope and marry, and this is how he became St Valentine, the worshipper of love.

Till the 14 th century, Valentine was not a day of love and affection, and it is believed to be Chaucer who started this association by his poetry in Parliament of Foules. One famous line from the poem is: “For this was on St Valentin’s Day when every bird cometh there to choose his mate”. It is only since the 14 th century that this day has been started to be observed as a day of romance. This concept was established by Pope Gelasius I in the year 496. Some people say that this day is celebrated in February because the Church wanted to Christianize an ancient Roman pagan festival focused around fecundity and sanitization, which also took place in February. This day is always a reunion of lovers. They come together to celebrate love and romance, by offering some beautiful gifts to each other, and to keep their spirit at an all-time high. To those people who worry over what to present to their lovers, here it comes, great gift ideas for this day!

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Obviously, the gift for your precious one also needs to be as expensive. One of the best gifts could be sky lanterns, which would light up the night sky just as your special one enlightens your life. You can find sky lanterns of many different designs and colours. Or, if you want to abide by the traditional Valentine day gifting items, you could go for flower bouquets, bunch of red roses, chocolate boxes and teddy bears as cute as your loved one. If you want to get your particular person something that could be useful, then maybe you could do with a box of goodies like tea bags and energy drinks, or customized key chain, or a set of tie and cufflinks. Valentines day is more specialized in the lives of married couples because they have gone a step further in the love life, by tying the holy knot of marriage with each other. Your spouse could easily be gifted a unique lampshade, or a bouquet of chocolates, or a customized cushion.

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Image result for St Valentine’s Day Lastly, since this day is all about love, one should make it a point to spread the love around them. On this day, do something that would make people around you feel happy, and help them understand how valuable they are. Spreading love is what this day is all about! Happy love life!!!