The hook-up way in old fashion romance during a pandemic.


Is hook-up culture is slowly-slowly dying in this COVID pandemic? All relationships experts are now saying that maintaining the 6 feet distance with anyone is more difficult, and trying and testing a new relationship with strangers is to put lives at risk.

How people are opening up to the idea of falling in love with this Pandemic.

The pandemic has proved that intimacy and relationship can exist without being physical contact and youngster who has a romantic relationship with anyone. Most of them have lenient towards the casual sex approach are now open for falling in love by maintaining distance with many social apps that help to stay with their partner connected in self-isolation.

The lockdown period and self-isolation are making them now want to seek someone special, who can extend emotional support and care in these uncertain times,” says Dr. Devyani, psychologist and relationship expert from Delhi.

The conversation is APPs are getting longer and deeper.

A paradigm shift in social apps from conventional dating and hook-ups are seemed to be very old now. Many Apps now come with technology features like Video calling, Virtual dates, and physical intimacy.

Mumbai-based student Vignesh Shanbagh, who is on Tinder, says, “Video calls and extended conversations are opening doors to a new kind of relationship for me. Earlier a date meant meeting at a bar, hitting it off almost instantly, and physical intimacy is the immediate next step. However, knowing that this won’t be possible again any time soon, daters – including me – have become more patient. I now genuinely want to know the person and emotionally invest in them. Given that the length of each conversation has increased, and the conversations aren’t superfluous anymore, there is a chance of it leading to something more beautiful and long-lasting.”

Pune-based student and Tinder user Prachiti Chitali add, “With all the time I have now, I have been video calling, chatting with my match over WhatsApp to know and understand him better. During this place, I have learned that it is not always important to meet someone physically to have a deeper connection. And, spending more time with each other virtually, will make the meetings more comfortable, while also eliminating the fear of seeing someone who is a complete stranger and might be COVID infected.”

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