When words are not enough, let the flowers express your emotion.

“Let flowers fill your heart than words”

Human’s emotions are always complicated and cannot be expressed easily through words. Their feelings are sometimes unstable and mystical, which cannot be guessed or determined easily. Be it in love or commitments; they hardly express their true feelings through words in any situation. And due to people’s emotional fluctuations, one tries really hard to express his/her thoughts and feelings through words to another. Most of the time, people search for words to express their thoughts; thus, they end up without saying themselves. So the title “When words are not enough, let flowers do the talking” itself explains the beauty of the flowers expressing people’s emotions. 

 Be it happiness, love, disdain, sorrow, or any other feelings, flowers can express the person’s thoughts and feelings better than the words. The fresh fragrance and attractive colour of  flowers can melt the heart of any person. Not all flowers express the same thoughts and feelings; they differ according to their colour and nature. And here are some flowers that can help you express your thoughts and feelings in a better way than words. You can seize the person’s heart when you give or deliver the right flower in the right situation.

Flowers - Withlovenregards

Flowers that can express love:

Many people try to express their love for their partners with high preparations. Yet they stumble in front of their partners due to over-excitement and anxiety. No matter how perfect they are, in the end, they can’t express their true feelings to the person they are in love with, and we all know that there is no proposal is perfect or complete, without flowers, especially Red Rose.

Red roses are the most famous and lovable among flowers, that have been attracted by the people from young to elder ones. Red Rose is the perfect blossom for Valentine’s Day representing love, admiration, fondness, adoration, and passion.  Other than Red Rose, there are flowers like Carnations, Tulips, Forget-me-not, Cyclamen, Daisy, Camellia, Daffodil, Gloxinia, Ivy, Myrtle, Orange Blossom, Peony, Rosebuds and Red Chrysanthemum which can express the love of a person in a better way.

Flowers that can express happiness:

There are many occasions that make people happy.  People’s happiness is due to excitement, surprise, funs, victories, achievement, and others.  Happiness can be shared easily with the people whom you like and love.  Happy occasions like Weddings, Festivals, Celebrations, Parties, and so on are highly celebrated by people with their families, friends, neighbours, and colleagues.  And we all know that there are not single celebrations and festivals is complete without flowers. 

With its refreshing and attractive colours, flowers can express the state of happiness better than vocals.  And Jasmine is one of them. Jasmine has been used for weddings, festivals, and celebrations traditionally in India.  With its angelic look and pleasant fragrance, Jasmine helps to refresh the minds of the people.  Jasmine further expresses the idea of happiness and brings the mood of celebrations among the people. 

Other than Jasmine, flowers like Pink Rose, Basil, Coreopsis, Fern, Geranium, Lilac, Marjoram, Parsley, Peony, Chrysanthemums, Sunflowers, Daffodils, Baby’s Breath, Crocus, Holly Stephanotis that can help the people to express their happiness with people around them.

 Express grief and sorrow:

Most of the people express their grief and sorrow on the day of one’s funeral and on the day of death anniversaries.  And it is hardly possible for them to express their mournful feelings on such remorse occasions.  Few people can’t express such feelings through words easily on such dreary occasions.  For such sorrowful occasions, people can use White Lilies to express their feelings in a better way.  White Lilies express the deceased one’s sacrifice and their absence.  Other than White Lilies, there are flowers like White Chrysanthemum, Pink Carnation, Yellow Carnation, Gladiolus, Purple Hyacinth, White Hyacinth, Marigold, Red Poppy, Dark Crimson Rose, Willow, White Dried Rose, Sweet Pea and Zinnia which can express the people’s grieve, disdain, sorrow, sadness, agony and dejection in a better way. 

Apart from these emotions, there are many that can be expressed through flowers than words.  There are a few flowers that can express one’s sincerity, faith, hope, purity, brevity, success, solitude, and other emotions.  When you lack words, give suitable flowers to express yourself to the person you want.  And it is sure that flowers can express yourself better than you.

“With its fragrance, colour, and freshness, flowers can satisfy your heart more than words.”