Love shouldn’t be a feeling; it should be a way of life.


Love is a strong and positive emotional and mental status. It can act as a major facilitator of interpersonal relationships. Love exists between two persons, more than two persons, person to object, pets, Animals etc etc. In order to have love there should be some relationship between the two. It exists between mother- son, mother – daughter, Grandparents- Grandchildren, Husband –wife etc. In all the relations love has its different forms.

Here I am going to talk on husband wife relation: It is eternal pure form of love, where two people of different families come together to live the entire life with each other. There is no blood relation exist, but still it’s such a close relationship that you are ready to share each and everything. It is a beginning of the new family. Entire universe is formed by this relation.

Men posses different traits while women have different. The love between men and women is magical. They are delighted in being together, doing things together and sharing together. In order to have happy and long lasting relationship we should respect each other’s space. There is a huge difference between men and women; we must know these difference to have successful husband wife relationship. We usually become angry with the opposite sex because we have forgotten this important truth. We expect the opposite sex to be more like ourselves.

There are many important points which we should know about men and women :



  1. Remembering the difference: Men and women are from different planets. We mistakenly assume that if our partner loves us they will react and behave in certain ways, the ways we react and behave when we love someone. This attitude makes us disappointed and restricts us from taking the necessary time to communicate about our differences. In order to know we should give proper time to each other so that we will become well versed with the differences we posses.


  1. Listen: Listening is very vital factor between husband and wife. The most frequently expressed complaints wife have about husband is that they don’t listen. Either a husband completely ignores her when she speaks or he listens few words and comes to a conclusion what is bothering and offers her a solution. It’s not always wife needs solutions, many times she shares her problem and wants her husband to listen it patiently. Between husband and wife sharing their personal feeling is much more important than achieving goals and success. The secret of forming a successful relationship is for both partners to win.


  1. Different behavior in same situation: Men feel better by solving problems while women feel better by talking about problems. When husband gets upset he never talks about what is bothering him, instead he becomes very quiet and needs his personal space to find a solution. When a women is in problem she continuously feels a need to talk about her feelings and all the possible problems that are associated with her feelings.


  1. Learning to give: Giving is very important in any relationship specially husband wife. It can be tangible sometimes intangible also. Love, Respect, loyalty etc are the foremost essence. Sometimes materialistic or tangible things also give happiness.



Here I am going to discuss few ideas which make husband and wife happy and it gives a sense of fulfillment. Everything in this world roams around the word i:e LOVE, Nothing is as important as love. We are born out of love and throughout our life we remember those people who shower love on us. Feeling love and expressing it altogether it’s different. That gives the emergence of gifts. There is a famous quote which says “surprises are better than promises.” When we promise something the other person will always have an expectation, it’s better to surprise them with different gestures.


Flowers – Love can be conveyed in a better manner with flowers between the couple, they are being used as symbol of love since long time especially the red roses.

Outing – Travelling with the partner means staying together for 24/7 which gives personal space for each other. Out of hazy schedule we need to take out some time and go out to some exotic locations. Husband can book a beautiful resort in order to refresh the memories of honeymoon.

Cooking – Sometimes we enjoy homemade foods served in different ambiance. Let’s suppose if wife is cooking the food then husband can show his creativity by arranging the candles balloons, dim lights etc. Definitely the couple will enjoy having food like this.

Photo Collage– Collection of husband wife pics in one collage and putting it on bedroom /living room gives happiness, it’s a sign of love bonding, whenever they will look at it they will smile for a second at least.

Innovative birthday cake – let’s suppose there is husbands birthday and he likes playing cricket and very much fond of it then wife can order a cake with an icing of bat and ball on it, surely he is going to like it, vice a versa can be done in case of wife also according to her interest.

These are few ideas which can increase our happiness with sense of satisfaction; there are so many ways to gift our beloved. We can use our thoughts creatively and pour love to our life.


Article Contributed by : Priyanka Singh

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