What do different flowers symbolize

Flowers have served as a symbol of love, joy, and respect for centuries. Over time, they have grown to become messengers of love. They had secrets hidden in them, which have been passed down from generation to another. As a result, flowers can convey subtle and unspoken messages. So what are these messages, and how did they come to be? This time around, we will be looking at what different flowers symbolize, and when you should send them. 


Know the true meaning of flowers



Roses are famous all around the world thanks to their classy appearance. Online florists swear by this flower, as every lover has gifted their special one a bouquet of red roses at least once. In essence, this flower is over 35 million years old and is frequently a part of medicines and perfumes, due to its sweet fragrance. They represent love and passion in its most authentic form when in red. However, roses can also express other feelings or emotions when they are in different colours. For instance, pink roses capture romance; yellow represents joy or happiness; white roses depict innocence and sympathy and peach roses stand for friendship.



Carnations, which have the biological name-Dianthus caryophyllus, literally means “flower of love”. They are so popular, and have such a rich history, as they are one of the world’s first mass cultivated flowers. They represent the world’s almost all cultures around the world, with studies showing that they were once as popular as the rose when it came to expressing love. While white carnations bring good luck, pink carnations usually resembled a mother’s love, whereas red carnations showed love and passion.



Lilies have a place in Christianity for bearing a resemblance to the Virgin Mary. Furthermore, they were frequently used in ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome to commemorate, celebrate, and remember the dead in funerals. Therefore, in certain cultures, they represent death and sorrow. 

But, most cultures around the world see them as a symbol of life, purity, fertility, and innocence. Since lilies represent life and purity, they are a great gift to give someone on their birthday. Therefore, online florists also suggest a bouquet of lilies when it comes to birthday flowers. Over time, the lily has become a symbol of life, rather than death.



Spring blooming tulip field. Flowers tulips, the symbol of the Netherlands. Red tulips and blue sky, sunny spring day. Spring floral background.

The first record of the cultivation of tulips comes from Persia, somewhere in the 10th century. By the 13th century, they were used by lovers for declaring their love and passion, as seen in famous poems of that time. In almost every culture around the world, tulips represent love and romance. The Dutch famously used purple tulips as a symbol of their royalty, giving the flower a royal touch or feeling. Also, a bouquet of white tulips serves as an apology, as they represent forgiveness. Yellow tulips commonly serve as a congratulatory flower, as they symbolize joy and happiness. All in all, tulips are regarded as ‘happy’ flowers which represent happiness and positivity.



Having originated in Mainland China, Chrysanthemums were said to have the power to give life. It is also medicinal, as the plant’s roots serve as a cure for headaches and fever. Furthermplant’ ss petals are used in salads, while its leaves help in the making of ancient drinks.

In most cultures, they symbolize joy and unadulterated optimism for the future. However, in Europe and North America, Chrysanthemums represent grief and are mainly given to people during funerals or remembrance services. However, in India and other parts of Asia, chrysanthemums represent friendship, love, and happiness.



The first large crop grown in America, sunflowers express joy and happiness like no other flower. Furthermore, the plant had various uses, with its seeds being a nutritious cereal and a component of flour. Around the world, people associate sunflowers with happiness. Online flower delivery services mainly deliver sunflower bouquets as a sign of celebration or congratulation. The flowers also highlight values such as longevity and loyalty. Therefore, if you are about to celebrate a milestone anniversary with your loved one, make sure you get them a large bouquet of sunflowers,



The Romans brought the Daffodils to Britain, and they were said to have healing powers in medieval times. Whereas a daffodil represents good luck and fortune in Asia, while it is a sign of hope in France. However, in most cultures around the world, Daffodils represent new life and spring. They are also one of the few flowers which represent inspiration and creativity and are hence a great gift to give an artist friend. As they are a sign of forgiveness, mend old friendships forgotten in time by delivering a bouquet of daffodils. 


Now that you know what each flower symbolizes make it a point to send thoughtful gifts to your friends and loved ones. Make use of online flower delivery services to send them a personalized flower bouquet of your choosing. Let us help you keep your friendships and relationships alive! Let us know in the comments which of these flowers you love and why!


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